Sunday, March 21, 2010

been a long time....

yes friends it's been a long time since i posted. my life has been busy like everybody's i'm sure. i'm very unconnected at this time im my life with technology. i am offline and without cable. i occationally post a status on facebook. it just seems easier, this i can do from my phone:) but please if you have ever have followed my blog, check in from time to time. i love your comments and adds to my posts. when i get the nudge i will find the nearest computer and post..... be well peaceful blogging-tre

Sunday, February 8, 2009


this past week i have had a lot on my mind to many decisions awaiting me. i have to say even keeping a positive attitude, too many decisions were starting to weigh me down. " will i make the right one, how will this effect my children" is really my only reason for the hesitation. if it was only me i could make it through anything, but i want to shelter and protect them- so i can not make flighty decisions...and flighty is sometimes the most comfortable for me....i've been keeping my self open to the spirit for guidance, really just waiting on confirmation in some kind of answer from above or a sign and wonder that would gently nudge me in the right way....and as i was making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich i heard these words.." trust what is" out of the blue i wasn't even in a state of worry at the time- more concerned with the noises my tummy was making. but i stopped, and i just held those words to my what is....i have lots of ways i took this whisper .....and it would be all to complicated to blogg it, but peace came over me and i realized why these words came to me....GOD has a plan, it is so great and so huge sometimes the little things in life steal our awareness away...and we are not connected to that trust of just allowing everything to unfold in it's own due time....does mother nature speed forward a lotus flower when it asks why am i leaves in the mud? what is my purpose? why am i in the mud? no. it doesn't happen. time passes and a beautiful bloom unfolds, this would not be if it did not have the nourishment of the home in the mud. trust, and know that GOD has a plan...for all of us.....
peaceful blogging, tre

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

DO you need a massage?

hello everyone! i havent post in a while, lack of internect connection will do that to a blogger...hehehe- ok friends i have a special deal for you...if you are reading this then you can schedule a swedish massage with me from January30th-Febuary 7 for $ 40.00, yes that is what i said forty dollars. this is a $20.00 DISCOUNT!!! but you have to schedule during the dates listed to get this i am offering a special for valentines; a foot soak, a foot scrub, foot massage & a blessing for your path for $35.00...this is a great gift for anyone you love for valentines day. check out my website for my menu BLESSINGS!!! tre

Friday, November 14, 2008


i have to say this week has been a week of rememberance for me. remembering loved ones past. i love fall, but i have to be honest, it also makes me a little sad. even knowing we are all spiritual beings just here for now- the human part of me has to deal with the emotions. i know i will see them again, heck, i even hear from them now- through signs and wonders. but the best part of being on this physical plane is being able to touch and hold our loved ones. that is what i miss the most. during fall all the leaves let go of their home and fall to the ground, all the energy starts to redirect itself into the earth- getting ready for the winter months. so i think losing loved ones in the fall is a greater reminder of what will happen to us all one day.(our physical self anyway) we will all let go and our spirit will be free again to do whatever it is our maker has planned for us next. yes this is a beautiful thing- these are the thoughts that help me through the painful emotions......i have faith through love and rememberance

on another note.....some of you may know i have been teaching hip hop dance class at civic center on wed. afternoons. i have had to put a hault on it for a bit- my job schedule changed and i have to work on wed. now- so can't make it at that time anymore. however, i have talked to the civic center and we are not going to cancel class just change the day/time. it is going to take a few weeks to get it all taken care of. but it looks like maybe thursday night at 6:45. i am hoping this will bring more of you out to class. we are also not going to concentrate on just hip hop, but make it a dance class for women. we will work on just moving and rythmn- and breaking a sweat. they say they are going to put an article in the paper- so be looking for it!!!! i really hope you all that read this can make it- wed. afternoon my numbers were very low, not worth the time i put into it. although i loved dancing with those of you that came, hopefully the new schedule will be better. we have lots of fun! i would love to see all my friends past- what a great way to get together and dance- since their are no real dance clubs around here- hhaa!! comment if you are interested!!
peaceful blogging-tre
dance on sista's!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

just a little prayer....

seems like all we can do right now is send a little prayer....our country in a bad way( economic)....a VERY important election right around the corner. i have actually re registered just to make sure my ducks are in a row...but ultimately this is in the hands of GOD. we have to continue service in his name as individuals...helping hands where we can...remembering we are all children of GOD and we are all in this together....we are all equal in his eyes....we are his children...although i believe we all have a purpose in his plan..and we should act for each other with service and love....where this goes we really won't know...time will tell. but importantly he will be with us the whole way. look to him, reach for him, believe his power has no limits, love in his name..he never said it would be easy ...only worth it....

i am asking that you join me every night this week- that is 7 days -and add in your prayer a prayer of protection for the american people...that he guides us as individuals and as a country for a better future.....mass prayer has phenomenal results...bless and thankyou
peaceful blogging-tre

Monday, September 22, 2008

Massage anyone?????

hello friends...if you read this blog, and you haven't called to make an appointment, why not? I know times are tough- gas is out of can be stressful..and you probably are thinking i can not afford to treat myself to a massage. i know i have the same thoughts about getting my hair cut. but i want you all to know- the reason i am a massage therapist is to help my fellow man to feel their best. the benefits of a regular massage go way past treating yourself- it increases relaxation, which in turn promotes healing within the body- it boost your immune system, flu season is right around the corner, we all need this-it increases flexibility and range of motion, it can help to decrease cellulite, it can also increase muscle tone- yes, that is what i said! bodywork and massage should be a part of everyones preventive healthcare plan. if you have a reason you haven't called- call and let me know... i will work with anyone that wants to come in...don't let the prices keep you away....and if you feel like your schedule is hectic and you don't have time...i can work with you on that too..... call me! let's get you in- i promise you will be glad you did!!!
blessings- tre

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

twinkle, twinkle little i wonder

last night as i was outside, i felt the light reflected by the moon on my face. it was so bright and so beautiful- staring into it i was mesmerized by it's glow...the whole yard was illuminated by it's power. here i am outside..close to midnight and it is like a whole other day in a strange land. the trees looked more alive than i ever remember seeing them... there was something emotionally comforting about this heavenly scene...i felt empowered by the night. my attention was drawn to a small flicker of was a pinpoint of light against the dark sky..although my surrounding were very well lit by the night's guardian... the sky was so dark...this small light...a star...was calling out to me... trying to tell me it would hide behind a cloud..i caught myself waiting patiently for it to show itself would flicker to it's brightest then back behind the this point, if you were to look up you would never even know this star existed...this realization shook my soul....i felt a connection so strong to this (as i could see it) little star- surrounded by the entire night....whispers into my ear said" we are this little light" ....i felt this statement throughout my entire being.....we have the power to shine so bright, we can attract the attention of others, if we allow our inner light to shine...we can mesmerize our fellow human beings with our glow- this is a HUGE responsibility...because with our soul shining we are allowing GOD himself to be evident to others through ourselves...sharing our light..but when the clouds surround us we are invisible to this is like we are not even there...of course the star was behind the clouds- that doesn't change, but if we can not see his light how can we appreciate it.....the same is with us...we can get caught up in the clouds that encircle us...we can get so caught up in the storm it becomes us...and what i mean by this is we begin to let the clouds define us...others only see our clouds and hardly ever even a dim light hiding behind them...they cannot see our true selves, and we do not either.realizing we are all the same, we are all light, we are all connected- with clouds or knowing this- and i do mean KNOW...break through your clouds....let your little light shine as it was intended....clouds will come and go, but the light will always be...even in the darkness of night it will be...thank you little star, for your twinkle and thank GOD for shining through you....
blog on...blessings tre